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Promoting a news website online needs due diligence. It is a procedure that is actually more strenuous than promoting a certain business that deals in a product or a service. For example, the name of a new website needs to be exclusive.

News Website Online and Getting Quality Traffic

Promoting a News Website Online and Getting Quality Traffic

Making Use of the Social Media Platforms

There are different social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook that offer good scopes to the readers for directly connecting

with web content. If you are the owner of a news website, you can create accounts on some of the most reputable social media

websites. There are some prerequisites for syndicating your news feed on the different social media platforms. It is necessary

for you to ensure that your news website possesses as Atom/RSS feed. With the Atom/RSS feed handy, you can easily create

a user account by making use of the TwitterFeed service. The only thing that you need to do is follow all the instructions carefully.

With this, every time you publish an article on your news website, it appears on Twitter and Facebook automatically.

Run Sponsored Advertisements

Another important thing that you can do for promoting your new website online and for getting good traffic is going for sponsored advertisements for your news website. This will allow your news website to get huge exposure on the user profiles of the ones within targeteddemographics. Advertisements on Facebook offer different businesses the scopes of broadcasting 

advertisements based on specified location, interests and age range. You can even find the details of the number of people viewing your advertisement. These estimates can turn out to be very useful when you craft a presentation for the potential advertisers. However, it is important for you to consider the nature of your news website prior to investing money in advertisements.

Tips on Starting a News Website

Starting a news website is not for the faint-hearted. It takes in personal investment, securing advertisers and top quality updated content. Developing a successful news website also requires taking the services of a Web Development Company and freelance writers. Some of the most important tips on starting a news website are as follows:

Give Yourself a Good Start

If you are not successful in starting your news website well, people will not be coming back to you. Starting a good and successful news website is a time-consuming procedure. This is because there are a number of tasks that need to be carried out. These tasks include developing and designing the site, coming up with a good business strategy, securing people for content production and many more things. It is also to be noted that the entire project needs to be funded well so that no areas are left uncovered.

Target Specific Audience by Using Original Content

It is important for you to try striking a complete balance between syndicated and original content. This might vary depending on a news website. However, if you are looking to start a niche website then good amount of local and original content is of utmost importance. Your visitors will come to you only if they get something that they cannot get elsewhere. The featured content on your news website should aim towards attracting target audience.

Business Model is Important

Advertising is one of the most important parts of a news website business model. Through sufficient advertising, you can be successful in developing a good following. You always have the option of taking the services of the local consultants for diversifying your business plan.

Make Use of Social Media

Using the social media for gaining online presence is one of the most intelligent steps that you can take. It is true that social media takes up a lot of time but it is always worth the time. This is because there are different social media platforms that can create amazing online presence for your news website.You Can Follow


Owning and operating a news website is not a very easy thing to do. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to put in a lot of hard work into your news website in order to have it up and running in perfect condition. There are a number of sacrifices that you would also have to make time and again for fetching better results from your website.

News Website Design Trends

It might be intriguing to scrutinize a news website from the design perspective. Regardless of the type of news covered by a news website, the website is sure to face the difficulty of displaying content in huge amount on its homepage. This creates many layout, navigational and usability challenges for the designers. Monetisation is also one of the most important factors for the different news websites. It is also interesting to see how these websites integrate advertisements in their designs. There are cases where the advertisements are found to be excessive or intrusive. However, most news websites have the ability of using advertisements without turning away the readers. This is possible only by the provision of good and top quality content.

What is a News Website?

A news website is any sort of news-related website with its editorial focus on online periodicals. They are basically online versions of newspapers. However, there are some websites that are standard news websites some can be placed somewhere between a blog and news website. Some common design trends of news websites are as follows:

Colour Scheme

News websites generally make use of dark text on white background. These websites provide huge amount of information to their visitors making readability an important concern. Some news websites also make use of darker colours in their headers or the body of the pages outside the content. There are even news websites that make use of red and blue colours in addition to black or dark gray for text. The most common colour for article titles, links and headlines is blue while red is used sparingly.

Sidebar and Header Banners

Producing a good amount of revenue is also important for the news websites. Banner advertisements in the headers are one of the most important sources of income for the news websites. There are websites that make use of these ads on all the pages while the others exclude these ads on home page simply displaying them above the header on the other web pages.


News websites generally put their most important navigation above the content and below the header. However, there are even websites that place their navigation menu in the left sidebar. Read More :

Tabbed Content Regions

News websites make use of tabbed content region allowing their visitors to have the view of popular articles, most commented articles and recent articles. This way the users have more control on the links and the content that they see on these websites.