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News Website Design Trends

It might be intriguing to scrutinize a news website from the design perspective. Regardless of the type of news covered by a news website, the website is sure to face the difficulty of displaying content in huge amount on its homepage. This creates many layout, navigational and usability challenges for the designers. Monetisation is also one of the most important factors for the different news websites. It is also interesting to see how these websites integrate advertisements in their designs. There are cases where the advertisements are found to be excessive or intrusive. However, most news websites have the ability of using advertisements without turning away the readers. This is possible only by the provision of good and top quality content.

What is a News Website?

A news website is any sort of news-related website with its editorial focus on online periodicals. They are basically online versions of newspapers. However, there are some websites that are standard news websites some can be placed somewhere between a blog and news website. Some common design trends of news websites are as follows:

Colour Scheme

News websites generally make use of dark text on white background. These websites provide huge amount of information to their visitors making readability an important concern. Some news websites also make use of darker colours in their headers or the body of the pages outside the content. There are even news websites that make use of red and blue colours in addition to black or dark gray for text. The most common colour for article titles, links and headlines is blue while red is used sparingly.

Sidebar and Header Banners

Producing a good amount of revenue is also important for the news websites. Banner advertisements in the headers are one of the most important sources of income for the news websites. There are websites that make use of these ads on all the pages while the others exclude these ads on home page simply displaying them above the header on the other web pages.


News websites generally put their most important navigation above the content and below the header. However, there are even websites that place their navigation menu in the left sidebar. Read More :

Tabbed Content Regions

News websites make use of tabbed content region allowing their visitors to have the view of popular articles, most commented articles and recent articles. This way the users have more control on the links and the content that they see on these websites.